You're Not Ready Yet

When I first lost my job, I did anything I could to speed up the process of finding another one. I applied to every job that had the word “marketing” in the description, went to every free networking event in the city and hit up every contact I could think of. I made it to the final round of interviews for 4 dream companies, only to be ghosted at the finish line. The rejection process allowed me to re-evaluate where the hell I was going wrong. It took a lot of spiritual beatings and soul searching to realize the reason why I wasn’t receiving my blessing wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough but because I wasn’t ready.

I have a mental tick that needs to be checked before I’m in a position to receive God’s blessings. This unemployment period has shown me that I, Raven Ariana Carey-James will do anything to avoid being bored and lonely. I am notorious for accepting dates with men I don’t like and smoking obscene amounts of green to distract myself from the reality that I have no job, nowhere to go and nobody to see. Instead of learning to be productive in healthy ways, I did stupid things just to make the waiting time move faster. All this did was prolong my process and the longer it took for me to just be sober, be patient and deal, the further I strayed from my purpose.

No matter what job I get, there will be times where I can flex my creativity and times where I will have to handle the boring logistics; both aspects of the job are crucial to achieving a higher goal. The same is true for life, I’m slowly learning that in order to get to the high points, I can’t run away from my lows. The only way to truly get through a storm is to go through it and to handle all things with discipline, grace and a whole lot of faith.


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