Quiet time has power.

My bathroom is my favorite place to pray because it seems like every time I’m having a really crappy week, God’s spirit comes in and catches me off guard. No pun intended of course but I wanted to share that you can and should never be too busy for God. Make time when there is no time because that’s probably when you need to come to Him the most.

Compare it to the relationship you have with your family and friends. If my mother doesn’t hear from me for a couple of days, she facetimes me; miraculously, just as I’m about to do something stupid or slip into a depressive state.

Frequent check-ins with your Father in Heaven are designed to act in the same way. Your conversations don’t have to be elaborate, just be open. Talk about what’s going on with you, share what you don’t usually share with anyone else. He’s not going to leak your vulnerabilities on social media or judge you for your sins. Instead, by allowing the communication to flow, you’re able to release your anxieties and gain wisdom and strength to power through.

How many quiet moments do you reserve for yourself throughout the day?

We can all benefit from taking an extra 5 minutes on the toilet, WITHOUT YOUR PHONE. It can be a place to reflect on the choices you’ve made throughout the day, ask for clarity or forgiveness and find peace. Be still and watch as your feelings and behaviors towards your relationships, career and yourself begin to change, through God’s grace.