Call It Like It Is

My Instagram feed seems to be getting more beautiful these days. People are slowly starting to wake up and walk in their truths by getting married, traveling and building their own stories. However, I will be the first to admit, it frustrates me when I see a beautiful photo of someone on vacation or receiving a new job offer, with a caption that praises the universe or energy for their blessings.

Why don’t we just call it like it is?

God is the only one responsible for all things good, yet we fail to give credit where credit is due. We praise the universe but not the one who made it, and I worry that all the positive vibes in the world won’t be enough for eternal salvation. When we leave this Earth, we will have God to answer to. I believe we should take a long, hard look at what we may be doing that contradicts commandment number 1 - “Thou shall not have other Gods before me.”

We are responsible for our choices and our actions but we are not responsible for our blessings. When we choose to obey God through our daily walk by trusting Him, remaining positive and showing love to others, He rewards us. Not “mother nature”, not our auras or horoscopes and certainly not by our own merit and good deeds. I encourage us all to start rejecting things that are not of the Truth to begin walking as a unified body.


Raven Carey-James