How to stay faithful in a room full of hoes

It’s the summertime so I get it; people can be like buses, especially in these NYC streets. But for the people who choose to resist temptation and stay cuffed past cuffing season, here are a few tips to help you on your quest to maintaining loyalty. 

  1. Mind your business
    • This is truly the first piece of advice. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised at how hard it is for some people to keep to themselves. Be mindful of where you go, who you entertain and what positions you put yourself in. Avoiding temptation is the first step in prevention.
  2. Know your limit
    • It’s totally acceptable to go out and chill with your friends without your significant other. In fact, if your partner discourages you from an occasional fun night out, they may be trying to control you. Nevertheless, if you do go out - be grown. Don’t try to re-live your glory days and drink like 21 year old you, the recovery time just isn’t the same and it increases the risk of you doing something stupid. Maintain control over your faculties. 
  3. Think BEFORE you ACT
    • I happen to know first hand that before someone cheats, they have about a million chances to back out before the deed is done. The act of cheating consists of a million little choices built into one big mistake. Don’t answer that “come through” text or even give your number out in the first place. simply making an effort to think of your partner before you act can make all the difference. 
  4. Always Have a RESPONSIBLE Buddy (preferably someone who is on you and your S.O’s team
    • We all have those friends who will encourage you no matter what you do, but honestly, those people are toxic to your development. I choose to keep people around me who are mature, level-headed and who like me, are trying to keep their houses in order. Having fun doesn’t mean having to be disrespectful and keeping people in your circle that will remind you of that when they see you getting out of hand, can keep you focused.

Monogamy isn’t easy, we are all faced with billions of options every day through social media but it’s absolutely achievable, you just  have to want it and act accordingly.