Dreams vs. Nightmares

As millennials, we often get asked what we're going to do next or when we'll reach a desire to have a family of our own. I don't believe there's a rule book on how to do life and I don't believe you can dictate someone else's dream. 

Right now I'm splitting my time between finding another full-time marketing job and building the BYOB brand. I'll be the first to admit it's hard to devote 100% to both initiatives, but I'm trusting God to guide my steps.

 It's important to feed your dreams. It takes investments in time, money and effort to do what you love and I found having stable work while I go through this process gave me peace of mind.  Granted, I also used it as a crutch and excuse for not doing more for my brand.

Balance is a major key, I believe in being smart, taking risks and submitting yourself to the grind. Be patient with yourself and trust the process, God is gonna work it out. 


Raven Carey-James