Don't feel guilty...You're just not into him.

I've learned this year that I have a real problem saying no. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings so I accept dates with people I'm not really into, just because they're "nice" guys. 

I have a history of dating bozos. You know, the cheaters, liars and "emotionally unavailables" of the world. After my last relationship ended, I felt I owed it to myself to give nice guys a chance. I told myself to see past the superficial and date with a purpose; but I soon realized, "nice" doesn't equal right. 

It's important to set your non-negotiables when it comes to dating.  It's unfair to expect women to lessen their standards just because a guy proves to not be an asshole. It sucks that nice guys don't seem to be common, but I refuse to settle just because "anything" is better than being cheated on.

Don't feel obligated to be with someone just because they seem to check some sort of box. Trust your gut until the RIGHT one comes along.