Give em Kanye's Best.

Over the past 24 hours, my timeline has been flooded with Kanye West quotes and memes from his latest Twitter rant. (

Yesterday, Ye pledged his love and support for Donald Trump by wearing the infamous “Make America Great Again” cap and proclaiming that he and Donald share what he liked to call “Dragon Energy.”


At the risk of sounding crazy, I would like to step on the side of opposition for a moment and defend Kanye’s position. I feel we, the people of social media were way too quick to judge Kanye and label him an Uncle Tom.


Kanye encourages free-thought. He says he loves his fans because they are fans of being themselves and that’s all Kanye West is trying to do. Whether you agree with him or not, Kanye is a genius who takes risks and who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. It’s unfair to only side with Kanye when it’s convenient. It was cool when he defended “Single Ladies” at the VMAs, but the minute he thinks contrary to popular belief, he’s cancelled? That’s wild.


Despite how you feel about Donald Trump, he won and I’m going to tell you why. Donald Trump is the President of the United States because he WASN’T a politician. No matter what people said about him, Donnie didn’t give a fuck, and his supporters trusted him because he presented himself as refreshingly honest. It was that honesty that led people to believe he would advocate for them and not tolerate political and societal BS. Where other politicians would use the gift of gab and finesse, Trump kept it 100, garnering the following of those (unfortunately racists, homophobes and everything in between) and bringing some of the country’s most deep-rooted issues to the forefront.








Good or bad, you gotta respect the hustle. It makes sense for Kanye and Donald Trump to be cool, they’re low key kindred spirits. We could all use a lesson or two in how to let go and be yourself. To live a little more unapologetically, and a little less in fear of what everyone else thinks, there’s no telling how far we could go. It’s those qualities that I dare say, respect in Kanye and I just think it’s dead wrong to drag someone for being different.


We have enough bandwagon followers, sometimes it pays to be you.

*Kanye Shrug*





Amanda Lloyd