Don't Compromise Empathy for Attention

The reason we feel misunderstood is because we don’t feel heard. Think about it - how often do you engage in “double-dutch” styled conversations, where instead of actively listening to someone, you hop around, impatiently waiting for your turn to jump in and share your own story.

I’m guilty. Sometimes I get so excited about what I have to say, that I don’t necessarily care about what anyone else has going on. Thank God my friends and I hold each other accountable to pop gassed heads because I started pushing my own agenda and becoming inconsiderate and selfish. I was reminded by the people who loved me the most that no one feels safe talking to people who believe they have all the answers and monopolize conversations.

The lesson here is to not compromise empathy for attention. Challenge yourself to ask more questions, then go the extra mile to mentally stick around for the answers; there’s more than enough love and validation to go around, we just have to commit to treating each other the way we would like to be treated.


Raven Carey-James