When I Feel Like It.

This is selfish, but one of my biggest pet peeves is being asked to go out of my way. I have no problem giving to those I love, but small talk and unscheduled meet-ups annoy me. I promise I’m working on it, but up until now, my philosophy was “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” leading me to admittedly become complacent in my relationships, career and walk with God. I feel disconnected from my peers and the world around me because I trained myself to reject the unfamiliar. If a guy is too short or a job pays too little, it’s an automatic “no for me dog” (Randy Jackson voice). After all, time is money and I don’t want to waste mine investing energy into people and things I don’t feel are beneficial. Before I RSVP to any event or engage in any conversation, I often ask myself, “what’s in it for me?”

In response, God has been making things much more inconvenient. My friends have been calling at the busiest times and job opportunities in my field of interest seem to come fewer and further in between. As a result, I have been challenging myself to say yes to things I would normally say no to, and I can’t even begin to explain the blessings that have come from doing so. By moving out of my own way, I started to ask how I could be a blessing to others instead of looking for ways to use people to my advantage. By actually spending time with people and listening more than I spoke, I realized I spent valuable time misdirecting my trust and avoiding people who genuinely enjoyed my company.

There is no way to get where you want to go by doing things you’ve always done. As you go about your day, I encourage you reflect on what you say no to and why. While it is important to have discernment, troubles come from having a suspicious mind. Get out of your comfort zone. Say yes to the new and unknown; blessings come in mysterious packages.


Raven Carey-James