Being Fake Humble

It makes my heart sink when I’m particularly proud of a blog post or IG photo and it doesn’t get the response I believe it deserves. It’s frustrating to work hard on something and not receive support or approval from your peers; but the inevitable rejections that come along with building a brand from scratch has forced me to check my motives for doing it in the first place.

I started BYOB to not only vent about my life’s dramas but to inspire others to keep pressing on and walk in their truths. How could I do that effectively if I only shared what was convenient or only kept reaching out to the same core group of cheerleaders? (Hey Mom!). As difficult as it is, I put myself and my mess out there for the world to see and as a result, it keeps the brand authentic and my message, genuine. I’m not asking for you all to start spilling your guts, but in order to remain humble, you have to do the uncomfortable. Take risks and trust that if your work’s purpose is rooted in God’s will, you will not fail - despite the twists and turns thrown your way.

To all the creatives, consultants and dreamers, stay strong. God calls us to stop trying to win over the approval of others and shift our focus to what we can do to please Him. Whether you’re just starting out or have millions of followers, stay true to your core values and mission. By maintaining a real spirit of humility and grace, you will begin to manifest blessings you never would have expected or been able to achieve on your own.


Raven Carey-JamesComment