Growing Up.

I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. My mother and I were just reminiscing on how we saw the whole thing go down live. We were forced to walk from Downtown Manhattan to the Bronx and watch as people jumped from their 90th floor offices, clinging to any hope of survival. For the first time, New York stopped; we were all a part of history and I think we all believed this event would be the wake-up call the city needed to change its behaviors and foster a renewed sense of community. For about a week, New Yorkers walked in solidarity and tried to be better, nicer people.

Then we moved on. As time passed, we became comfortable and rude again. Looking back, I realize how unrealistic it was to believe that one event, no matter how large could change people. Spiritual growth is less of an “aha” moment and more of a conscious decision. No one or no thing can force someone to change, you have to be in the mental space to do that on your own. Growth is something you have to be ready for because like any form of exercise, it’s lifestyle choice that takes practice and commitment.

As you begin your week, I encourage you all to look for practical ways to grow. Before you make any decision, small or large, pause and see if there’s room to make a better one. Answer the phone for someone you would normally ignore, speak on your feelings when you would normally keep your opinions to yourself. In time, you’ll see that growing up isn’t a dramatic event we should be afraid of, it is a necessary step in becoming the person you were always meant to be.


Raven Carey-James